Kennard Alumni Association


Caretakers of the PAST, Guardians of the FUTURE


Mission Statement

The Kennard Alumni association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to carry forth the proud heritage of Kennard High School, Queen Anne’s county’s first and only secondary school for African Americans. We strive to be a stepping stone for youth in our community and to engage them to continue this proud heritage through programs in education and cultural arts and through scholarship assistance. With the help of our members and the community at large, we seek to restore and rebuild the old high school site to be a learning resource for generations to come.

Project Description and Timeline

The Kennard Alumni Association (KAA), which, since 1996, has been on a journey to restore Kennard High School in Centreville, MD and to create “The Kennard High School African American Cultural Heritage Center and Museum”. This school represents the history, culture, and education of African Americans in Queen Anne’s Country since its opening in 1936. The Kennard High School building was awarded to KAA in1996 via a 99 year lease (purchased in 2012). This 9400 sq. ft. building with 6 classrooms, principal’s office, a small library room, and 2 bathrooms was magnificent for its time, but stands “silently vacant” today. The property had significantly deteriorated, through non-use and lack of upkeep for over 35 years. Structural decay represented its biggest threat. We have been able to secure a new roof (2005), complete asbestos abatement (2006), secure an architect’s drawing of building use plans and the architect’s project cost estimate (2007). These accomplishments constituted Phase I of this project.

What began as a lofty dream in 1996 finally became a reality in 2010 when restoration construction began. This phase of construction included architectural drawings and plans, window and door restoration/replacement, complete exterior overhaul, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical “rough-ins”, flooring and interior structural repairs, drainage and site work, and landscaping. Work on this phase was completed by spring of 2013.

KAA has, to date, invested over $800,000 in this project through grants and fundraising efforts locally, statewide, and with some national preservation funding to get us to this point.

Now the attainment of this “visionary” goal is on the horizon. The final phase, which will address the completion of all mechanical and electrical work, and interior finishing and equipping, is scheduled to begin in October, 2013 and will cost approximately $850,000. Kennard Alumni Association has committed grant awards totaling $510,000, contingent on raising $360,000 in matching funds towards the financing for this phase. As of August, 2013, we have, in hand, about $95,000 toward that goal. We are looking to raise the balance of this funding through foundation and private donations. Kennard has two years to use these funds. For information about, or donations to support, this project, you may contact Clay Washington, the association’s President, at 443-23-2110 or donate through this website.